John Key resigns: “This is the hardest decision I’ve made’

Selecting works for The Enchanted Garden Perhaps the hardest thing when commencing preparation for an exhibition is selecting works for the show. That is when the fun starts, as far as I am concerned, because while any work that has been exhibited is mounted in a cardboard matt with a backing board, there are often loose prints or drawings or watercolours, each housed in folded acid free tissue to protect the work. These have never been matted, or therefore exhibited, and simply lie quietly in their box hoping their turn will come. Some, of course, may never see the light of day — perhaps they were acquired long in the past — we have lots of prints and drawings of sheep, for example, because early donors were homesick for the Scottish Highlands— or because over time the work has degraded and cannot be treated, so that it become unexhibitable. For every one of those, however, there will be a hundred or so works which catch the eye, and what should be a short task stretches because it is impossible to resist the temptation to go through each box in its entirety. In this way, curators really get to know their collection. When I first started working at the gallery in , I used the contents of the boxes to get ideas for possible exhibitions, building lists of themes, such as Politics, Death, Theatre, etc. These are added to my exhibition list, which I then print out with small images and locations. Then the hard work really starts, because each one has to be examined, the vertically challenged often requiring helpers who can pull out heavy painting racks, and assist with carrying some of the heavier solander boxes. Sculptures are trickier, because they are usually packed in crates, but as we have fewer they tend to be familiar.


This is a timeline of the history of rock band U2: Adam Clayton is born in Chinnor , Oxfordshire. Paul David Hewson Bono is born in Dublin. Bono’s mother Iris Hewson dies of a brain aneurysm in Dublin four days after collapsing at her father’s funeral. Paul Hewson and his neighbourhood friends form the “Lypton Village” in which they made their own language, dressed differently, and put on art installation.

The group gives Paul the nickname Bono after a Dublin hearing aid store.

Another child’s book seemed to be a fusion of Treasure Island and Peter Pan starring Captain Hook, Long John Silver, Tick-Tock the crocodile and Peter Pan. The first movie that I ever saw was the version of [11] Treasure Island.

Mindful Dating By Ira Israel I usually begin my online dating profiles with something tongue-in-cheek such as, “Dating in Los Angeles should be listed as a crime against humanity as the whole process is inhumane: In terms of pure fun, dating in Los Angeles falls somewhere between root canals and colonoscopies. In the year , when human beings or cockroaches look back on mating rituals in the former United States of America, they will certainly correlate the decline of propriety and etiquette with the rise of antidepressants.

To say that contemporary romance has become akin to the Wild Wild West – a mind-boggling, confusing, no holds barred, free-for-all – would be an understatement. Every first date is like walking through a minefield wherein you will probably be blown to tatters but not realize it until you get home and receive a text message stating, “You’re so awesome! But I don’t want to date you.

And getting such text messages is a privilege in contrast to the typical LA protocol known as the FADE OUT wherein people slowly stop returning your emails so you are under the delusion that you’re still dating but they don’t even remember your name when it pops up on Caller-ID. Then when you bump into them at the gym they say, “Crazybusy, sorry, yeah

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Record company executives are present, and four days later U2 sign an international deal with Island Records. The band record their first album in Windmill Lane Studios. U2 play their first open-air festival to an audience of 15, at Leixlip Castle in Kildare. The Police top the bill which includes Squeeze and Q-Tips. The band play a date tour of the United Kingdom.

Tick-tock-tick-tock. So I decided to book the overnight tour on Galway Tours, a pretty good deal for just € 75, and defer the driving to someone else. The downside is that you’re in a bus with a rather motley group, most relatively normal but a few screechingly loud, the most detestable being a Tennessee redneck family who sounded like the.

How many of us have watched the fly on the wall Gypsy wedding documentaries on tv. The big fat dresses and the opulence of a Gypsy wedding. In the real world every couple wants the best wedding in the world. The wedding of Lewis and Whitney in Christchurch in Gravesend, Kent was the perfect day, the weather was superb, Whitney the bride looked absolutely stunning in a traditional white dress, none of the stereotypical wedding dresses as seen on Tv.

The excitement of the wedding service ever approaching, tick tock the clock is counting down. Pre wedding shots in the garden with family and friends and the day is set. The wedding A major annoyance I find with church weddings is the stupid rules that clergy impose upon us the photographers, now if it was a set rule across the board, no photography, photography only at the back of the church, stand in one corner, then I could understand and abide by those rules.

At the end of the day its the Bride and groom that loses out, not the church. So all you couples out there looking to get married in a traditional church service and want lots of images of the service, make sure photography is ok in the church. Suffice to say the shots of Whitney being accompanied by her grandfather down the aisle was enough to move anyone to tears and she really did look very resplendent in her lovely wedding dress.

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Email By Amy Sawitta Lefevre and Panarat Thepgumpanat BANGKOK Reuters – A petition calling for the resignation of Thailand’s deputy prime minister attracted thousands of signatures on Monday, heaping pressure on the junta’s second-in-command to step aside amid a scandal over a luxury watch and undeclared assets.

The scandal has revealed growing signs of disgruntlement among the Thai public, and added to uncertainty over whether the junta will call an election later this year that is supposed to move the Southeast Asian nation back toward democracy. The National Anti-Corruption Commission NACC placed Prawit Wongsuwan, 72, a former army chief who is also defense minister, under investigation after his appearance in a photograph of the cabinet wearing a diamond ring and a luxury watch in December sparked an avalanche of criticism on social media.

Thai netizens have since identified 25 expensive luxury watches that the former general has worn but not declared to the anti-graft body. Prawit has said that he borrowed the timepieces from friends, but would resign if that was the public’s wish.

Escape Room Australia: Safari Jungle, The Vampire Chronicles, Gallery, Slaughter House, Prison Break, The Mummy.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in

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February 22, at Today is February Walking the Dog Day simply encourages you to walk your beloved canine companion today. I know that if you have a dog, you walk your canine compadre every day anyway. Be sure to lavish extra praise and treats on them as well.

Oct 29,  · I’d like to start a game here. You play by boasting of the fabulous places you’ve been and awesome event’s you’ve witnessed, by virtue of the fact that you read classic Science Fiction.

The iconic and timeless style of the First Generation Camaro! This stunning example has recently been the recipient of a full bare metal repaint to a high standard of finish and presents absolutely beautifully today! The very solid body was stripped back to bare metal, photographic records available and painstakingly detailed before being painted in the stunning Le Mans Blue which looks sensational in any light, complemented by the white nose band, with all of the work being completed here in NZ, by competent trades people, while all new fittings and fixtures have been imported from the States, including the grille, tail amp bezels, bumpers, wheel arch trims, the list just goes on and on!

The interior has been lined with Dyna Mat and treated to a full interior kit as well, including new carpet, hood liner, door trims, rubber and felt kit, as well as a new full centre console with the desirable Hurst Shift lever, and the correct gauge package including the original Tick Tock Tach, all of which still works. The engine is a very strong cubic inch small block that performs very well, with new alloy heads, roller rockers, new alloy intake manifold, brand new carb, and tuned length headers, so this example has plenty of period power through the manual trans, but is still very user friendly and over all a pleasure to live with.

Period style Rally wheels with genuine GM caps and bands finished off with red wall styled tires complete the authentic look of this stunning Camaro, and make this one a real head turner. A lot of money has been invested in this gorgeous Camaro, and it shows, the detail over all is very nice, and the price reflects considerably less than would have been spent to date. A nice clean First gen SS that ticks a lot of the boxes, Hurst shift 4 speed manual trans, great colour, smoke stack hood and a nice period look, you can’t go wrong!

These first generation cars have been steadily gaining momentum in value lately, and are becoming very hard to find in this condition. Inspection will impress a genuine buyer, this example hasn’t done a lot of work since being restored, but it has been driven and sorted, so its not absolutely concourse, however it is very very sharp, and ready to clock up many more enjoyable miles!

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I go to my room which is locked to Grants probably hiding inside so I grab the key from under the mat “BOO! I can say for myself it was fun they decided to make the episode early so it could come out then me and Grant could tell everyone. Time skip to next day I woke up with Grants arms holding me in a certain position so let’s say if I tried to get out he would be hit somewhere he wouldn’t want to be hit. I then went on Twitter and everyone was like wasn’t it awkward for Melissa and Grant to kiss after the incident.

I then woke up Grant and he held me even tighter “What? Me and Grant have been dating for a while we didn’t tell you guys because, we wanted to make sure we were actually happy together and realizing what could go wrong but also what could go right so in the end we decided that we loved each other enough to commit to our relationship.

It’s a long story, but I messed up at work. Big earn back the trust of my boss, I promised to save one of our magazines. Yep. That Hot Dad contest you’ve seen advertised all over the place was my idea. And if I’m successful, if I’m able to increase our online readership, then I get a shot at my dream job.

Maggie Hope Against the odds, miner’s daughter Theda Wearmouth succeeds in gaining a nursing place at Newcastle Hospital. By the time war breaks out, she is newly qualified and working in a children’s ward, a role she adores. She also finds herself being courted by a young soldier. Only Theda’s dreams of becoming Mrs Alan Price are shattered when he is killed in action before he can make good on his promise to marry her. Broken-hearted, Theda finds herself re-assigned to a special unit of the hospital dealing with German prisoners of war.

Her duty is clear. But will she be able to cope with nursing the very men her fiance died fighting? Linda Huber He had found exactly the right spot in the woods. A little clearing, green and dim, encircled by tall trees. A magical, mystery place.

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