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Girls traditionally learned household skills from their female elders by the age of eight. Women also planted, harvested, and cleared fields with their husbands, carried water from the river, tended to the animals, and helped build their own houses and furniture. Marriage and widows[ edit ] “Marriage is considered vital in every Hmong person’s life and is the basis for establishing ties with other family groups. It was taboo for a man to choose a bride from his own clan. The father would consult with his own relatives and the bride. She could decline the match, but if she and her family agreed, drinks were made and a bride price was discussed.

A Clash of Cultures: the Hmong Community Coping with Change

She was the coordinator for the Hmong Women’s Circle throughout the Wausau community. She is a loving mother and hopes that one day there will be peace again. Where were you b I was born in Weaton, Illinois. When did your parents come to America?

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A Clash of Cultures: Police say Chor Thao killed his pregnant wife Pa Houa Tuesday morning, and stabbed himself to death later that night after being chased by police. Everyone I spoke to said things like domestic violence, murder or suicide have never been accepted in Hmong traditions. But here in the US, many Hmong women get a taste of that independence and discover they like it.

As you can imagine, that change in traditional roles between men and women can create conflict in the Hmong community, especially when it means dissolving a marriage. But in the Hmong tradition, even one divorce can be considered an embarrassment, bringing shame not just to the couple, but to an entire clan. Pa Houa and Chor Thao were separated and planning to divorce. Divorce is still a new concept to many Southeast Asian people, and sometimes, because of what Hmong wives are expected to be, they can end up taking the blame for a failed marriage.

18 Council Hmong Wedding Guide has its place

Do not kill humans or animals to foster kindness of heart 2. Do not steal or commit corrupt acts to foster love of work and honest effort 3. Do not commit adultery to deepen love of one’s spouse 4. Do not tell lies to foster honesty in word and deed 5. Do not take alcohol or drugs to a void carelessness Acceptance is the Lao woridview.

Things are as they are and should be.

Any Hmong woman has as much right to share her knowledge, view, and research about Hmong culture as any Hmong man who has a PH D or is Hmong. Yi Vang says: November 8, at pm.

Wrong for Being Right Have you ever been in a situation where you were right but you were wrong for being right? The restaurant was scarcely populated which translated to scarce tins of food in the buffet trays. After our first pass at the buffet I did as any American consumer would at any retail establishment, I approached the hostess and firmly expressed my disappointment at the quality of the food and the empty trays.

I let her know that should there be no new food brought out once our table finished their plates I would be expecting a discount. The hostess must have relayed my message to management. The wife of the owner waited for me to get up from the table and approached me as I escorted my children to their second round of food. She pressed her points with me and when I did not agree she became agitated and the conversation took a turn for the worse. They were actually very amused by the situation and we all had a really good laugh.

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I just wanted to first and foremost, congratulate you on the biggest first step in the relationship! You probably might not think much of it and consider it “inevitable” but culturally, it is a huge step for the relationship if the woman introduces her boyfriend to her family. One of the big things about the culture is that word gets around fast within the community because it’s so close-knit , and the reason why it’s such a huge step is because once a woman is married, she’s completely cut off from her family as a “daughter.

Anyway, a good way to make a good impression is be open, don’t be afraid to talk to the elders most of them know English, and mostly all can still communicate effectively even with their broken English , ask a question if you do not know or do not understand! Hmong events have a lot of drinking involved, so if you’re not the drinking type, you can always make up good excuses, such as, “I take a specific type of medication that won’t allow me to drink.

My husband’s favorite thing to do is holding a NOS can and say he already has a can of beer.

The woman’s accent usually determines what part of Laos she comes from, or where her family originated from. Lao women are the best for marriage because they have all the qualities that a guy wants, they have the warmth, exotic looks, traditional, honesty, trustworthy and .

Order Reprint of this Story September 15, Since January, there have been eight fatal domestic violence encounters in the Sacramento area involving the deaths of 14 victims — eight of whom were children, authorities said. All of the adult victims this year in Sacramento were women and most were women of color. The children involved alone is just staggering SUBSCRIBE NOW Advocates say there is likely no single reason for the increase in killings this year, but stress that in many of the Sacramento incidents the women were attempting to leave or had left her abuser — a volatile period when domestic violence often escalates as the abuser seeks to keep a hold on his victims.

Hodges has been arrested and is being held in the Yolo County jail. It was the fourth such fatal encounter this month.

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Comments on ” The Hmong Tragedy ” Page E-mail feedback received on the various issues raised on my page about the Hmong people in America. I will place selected comments here to add additional perspectives. Usually, there is at least something in these e-mails that I disagree with, but feel that it may be helpful to see the variety of perspectives people have.

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This necklace looks like an antique piece but is simply a vintage one manufactured in a largely traditional way. The pendant is a container. The lid screws off in the opposite direction that is natural in the Americas and in Europe and a small scoop is attached to the lid. The lid has an enamelled blue lion standing on the top. The pendant has flowers on one side, and good wishes written on the other.

Two lotus blossums hang as pendants. The central pendant has been added on more recently, perhaps one had been lost over the years.

Cultural Group Guides

This topic is actually very broad and complex. Are all members of a clan blood related? If a Hmong woman marries a man of a different race, can her children date and marry from her clan? Even some that are a bit older than me, have these cultural clashes as well. And one side has got to give in while the other has just got to accept that the world is evolving.

Hmong dating other race. Published: I dont wanna gi e up on my bf bc i love him. January 17, at 8: It’s sad to see them Hmong men dating other Lots of hmong women date other race the topic such as “why some hmong girls do not date hmong boys.

Although I was a bit taken aback and offended when I heard the question, I was not surprised. If I was around when the question was asked, I would had given a smart response. More than 3-years relationship Nobody knew of my plan and decision More than 3-years relationship. My husband and I started our relationship as friends for more than half a year before it blossomed into something more. While we were friends, he had always made it apparent to me and my family that he wanted to be more than friends.

However, he never rushed my decision and allowed me to get to know him as an individual before asking me out again. I did not want to turn my back on my family or have to choose between my family or my significant other. I also did not want him to have to do the same. Family was important to me and I made it very clear to my husband before we started dating.

He accepted the challenge of getting to know my family and my family soon ended up liking him a lot.

Hmong, Queer, Woman: UW Alum Lives in the Intersections

A goal that means a better life, freedom, or safety. It means a chance to rebuild and remake. She now works in special education in Minneapolis. Kha was born in a refugee camp in Thailand and lived there shortly before she moved to the United States with her parents and six siblings.

Feb 13,  · In the Hmong culture, it is a taboo to marry someone with the same last name. Never did I think that would happen to me. I was embarrassed Author: Hnub Tshiab: Hmong Women Achieving Together.

It is taboo to marry someone from the same clan. For instance, someone with the Yang last name cannot marry another Yang. There are 3 different ways a couple can initiate a wedding. The first one is a formal proposal. This is when a man and representatives from his family do a formal house call. The second one is the most common way couples get married.

When a man is interested in marrying someone, he gives her a gift. If she accepts it, it means she agrees to marry him. American Hmong nowadays rarely practice this tradition of gift-giving before marriage. The third is bride-napping zij poj niam. This is a very abusive tradition. Sometimes the man will give her a gift refer to above and not let his intentions be known.

Here, in the US, he may tell the girl he wants to take her out and instead take her to his house. In Asia, he may come to her house when her parents are not home and literally carry or drag her home with the help of male friends or relatives.

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