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Star Glass Works or Company was the second glass company instituted in the city of New Albany by John Baptiste Ford, a prolific businessman who was also involved in riverboat building and iron works. His first glass company was the New Albany Glass Works. On October 14, , page two, column one, in the same newspaper, we read: Final construction of the buildings and equipment at the Star Glass Works was evidently nearing completion when a lengthy article appeared in the New Albany Daily Ledger on November 20th, A few lines from that article including what might be just a hint of exaggeration which appeared on page two, are copied below: This manufactory is one of the largest in the United States, and when all of the machinery and appliances have been adjusted, will have a capacity equal to the largest manufactories of the world. The ground occupied by the Star Glass Works covers about seven acres in the upper end of the city, and is entirely enclosed by substantial fencing. Upon these grounds have been erected three capacious furnaces, one of which will be exclusively used for the production of plate glass. DePauw was a part-owner early in the history of Star, by he had become president of the company. In January of Washington C.

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Why does a bee only visit one type of flower at a time? It seems such a waste of energy. I read that a supermarket won an award for its two-year-matured puddings. So, what happens over two years to bring out the flavour? Where I live, I use five different bins and the collections are fortnightly. Unlike many people I observe, I squash things like aluminium cans and plastic milk bottles.

Beginning with glass made for , we put a “1” in the Fenton logo. This logo will be used through Added to the two Historic Collections in (Lotus Mist Burmese and Willow Green Opalescent).

Not all Northwood patterns carry the mark, and in some patterns that do carry the mark, not all pieces may have it. Generally it’s a good guide to the authenticity of a piece, but bear in mind that Wright issued several patterns primarily the Grape and Cable butter dish and Grape Delight nut bowl with the mark. They were later forced to change the mark. The absence or presence of the mark makes little difference in the value or desirability.

This Iron Cross mark appears on some stretch glass, primarily Imperial Jewels, and a few Carnial patterns. The examples with the mark are generally more desirable. Heisey Mark The Heisey mark consists of a capital “H” in a diamond. It was registered in although first used in Heisey produced very little Carnival Glass. Contemporary Maker Marks Fenton Marks When Fenton introduced its lines or reissued Carnival Glass in , they marked the glass with an oval with the word “Fenton” in script inside.

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Most Americans know of the wild toxic woodland flower, ‘Jack-in-the-Pulpit’ but how many also know it is the name given to an art-glass vase which imitates that flower. If we look at the actual plant that is very common in certain areas of the United States, we see the back part of the trumpet duly stands upright but then it comes forward as if a canopy to shield the ‘Spathe’ or ‘Jack. Enamelled clear amethyst glass vase by Moser. Contemporary opaque amethyst glass vase.

The name in itself was given to the style of vase originally created by Louis C. Tiffany around the turn of the century, but we all know such glassware, by this famous glassmaker from the turn of the century, now commands very high prices.

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Star Glass Works, New Albany, Indiana

Fenton labels of various kinds were applied to glassware prior to To see a complete list of Fenton labels, Logos used for Fenton seconds are shown at the bottom of the page. This is the logo you will likely see on glassware from Fenton retailers.

Fenton glassware from the ‘s can be identified by the tiny number 8 under the n in Fenton; and similar in the ‘s there is a number 9 under the n. This kind of clear identification and dating ensures that Fenton glass will continue to delight collectors.

Each detail both carved and painted is rendered in the best possible manner and the sturdily designed base supports the delicate yet boldly executed bid to perfection. Lamp retains the original brass collar, burner and wick and is is perfect, undamaged condition. Pattern molded lamps of this type are very hard to come by.

Delicately potted and well executed, retaining a bright overall palette. Short, tight line at rim, otherwise undamaged. Some wear and paint loss as shown, no restoration or in-painting. Original hinges and marbelized paper interior. The box was made and decorated in New England, C. Both the object and the engraving are expertly rendered. The mug was potted to commemorate the disputed presidential election betweeen Rutherford B.

Hayes and Samuel Tilden in which Tilden won the popular vote and lost the electoral college. This rare piece of redware is beiled to have been made in Concord, NH and it is in excellent with only minor glaze loss and flaking. The piece measures 6″ in height.

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When some very notable changes in corporate policies began to be implemented which essentially changed Fenton’s year platform of producing top quality American Art Glass wares domestically, here in the USA. Almost seeming to be a last ditch attempt at saving the company some Fenton wares began to be manufactured overseas, which some firmly believed was necessary if the company were to stay in business.

Others just as firmly believed that move was the final nail in the proverbial coffin of the once proud Fenton Art Glass Company and its made in the USA wares. For over a century, in the world of domestic Art Glass the Fenton brand name was synonymous with quality glass made in the USA.

Identifying Fenton Glass pieces can sometimes be a little difficult as not all pieces are marked, however there are some tips that help to identify this American Companies work and sometimes even date it.

How to Identify Antique Crystal Stemware Embossed symbols and markings on a glass jar help determine the jar’s origin, its manufacturer and even when it was made. While some markings such as city names make it easy to determine at least some aspects of the jar’s history, others, such as a simple letter “A,” may offer little information about the jar itself, other than the mold model used to create it.

Reading the Symbols A diamond shape with an O in it, sometimes referred to as a Saturn marking, is a common symbol on the bottom of many glass bottles and jars made between the s and s. This symbol belongs to glassmaking firm Owens-Illinois Glass Company. This same company later changed its mark to a letter O with an I inside it, using the new marking through the mid s. In many cases, a glassmaker’s symbol or company initials, such as these, appear within an embossed shape on the bottom of the jar, typically in the center of the bottom, but sometimes along the perimeter.

Deciphering the symbol is often a matter of comparing it to known examples on collector websites or in glass-collecting publications.

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By the time the company closed in , Westmoreland produced approximately 90 percent of milk glass in white and other colors. According to art glass author Gene Florence, the best-known Westmoreland milk glass patterns include English hobnail and paneled grape. New collectors will learn a lot in their quest for Westmoreland milk glass. Westmoreland Patterns Learn to recognize milk glass by pattern.

Gene Florence notes that Westmoreland made more than different pieces of the paneled grape pattern. This pattern has heavily decorated pieces with prominent raised clusters of grapes and leaves.

The Fenton Art Glass Company has been in business for over years and is still making glass today in Williamstown, WV. With such a long and productive company history Fenton has made something to make every glass enthusiast a happy collector.

Andrew Lineham Fine Glass, London by appointment only We do not state the prices of all items for the safety and privacy of our clients. There is a myth that Mary Gregory Miss was an old lady who painted the children she longed for but never had. This probably is not true. These children could be flying kites, bowling hoops, blowing bubbles or simply playing, usually surrounded by grass, foliage or fern. These figures are usually found on a variety of coloured glass.

The values are affected by the colour of the glass, which I shall list from the least valuable upwards, clear, clear with amethyst, dark green, light green, amber, light blue, turquoise, cobalt blue, ruby and finally cranberry. These seriously detract from the value and could even be reproduction. After all if they are in silhouette why pick out the face? Almost all of the Mary Gregory glass that we see in Europe was made at the Hahn Factory at Gablonz, which was in Bohemia but today is known as the Czech republic.

Many shapes with the above colour combinations were produced but then, as now a pair of any items, with children facing each other is particularly sought after.

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February 21, , The blue Leaf pattern bowl does have the Fenton logo Fenton in an oval cartouche. The logo is on the mould and so will be on the bowl, but as explained above, sometimes it can be very difficult to spot for various reasons. Howard has sent a photo that will show you how to locate it – the “Fenton” logo is on the underside, sloping surface of the marie collar base , on the Leaf bowl – halfway between two of the legs.

Fenton Art Glass got its start as a glass decorating company in painting on plain blanks made by other glassware manufacturers. As demand for the company’s designs increased, Fenton began to produce its own glassware lines in after moving from Ohio to Williamstown, West Virginia.

Obviously the crafter of both molds enjoyed the beauty of that flower. There are only subtle differences in the Mum patterns used by both manufacturers. They come into play when leaf and stem design are compared; some having two instead of one leaf in a given position. One stem may be shorter than another. Perhaps a stem is slightly more curved in one design or another. This bowl portrays the Ruffles and Rings exterior. The Northwood Rosette and Wishbone patterned bowls carry the same exterior design.

Northwood purchased that mold from Jefferson Glass in the time frame. During the late ‘s and early in the ‘s they were major producers of decorative glassware. As their production shifted away from the decorative glassware, some of their molds were sold.

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Fenton and John W. Fenton in an old glass factory in Martins Ferry, Ohio. Originally, they painted glass blanks from other glass makers, but started making their own glass when they were unable to buy the glass they needed.

Fenton Glass Company started in , when brothers Frank and John Fenton set up shop in an old glass factory in Martins Ferry, Ohio. Their initial business model was to paint glass blanks supplied by other manufacturers, but when the brothers ran into supply snags, they decided to make their own, setting up a glassblowing facility in Williamstown, West Virginia.

Levesque ; Updated April 12, Once placed in boxes of laundry detergent or given away at movies, milk glass today is a popular collector’s item. Opaque white or tinted blue, light green or pale pink, many pieces of milk glass do not have distinguishing markings. Produced in both Europe and the United States, items with the same design may be made by different makers. For collectors, it is essential to identify hallmarks, distinguish reproductions from replicas and opt for quality originals.

Familiarize yourself with the terminology and makers of milk glass. Glass collecting magazines such as American Pottery and Glass Reporter also provide useful information. Look up factory records or catalogs for production dates. Search sites like Pastpaper. Learn popular designs like Daisy and Buttons or Randolph.

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